Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well what's a better way to spend a Sunday by reading magazines? I couldn't think of a better way to live my day!!
Since I'm really into making collages, my room is usually filled with little pieces of paper cut out everywhere and glue on the floor. A big mess!! So I found this table and chair that I decided to turn into my collage desk!.
I have a normal desk for my computer and homework and such so I thought having a separate place to make my collages would give my room a break from messes.

My "collage table" is completely filled with magazines that I am obsessed with!!
There is my empty can of iced tea and my jar of mod podge :)

My first client!! I finally wrapped up a finished colage and sent it out!
Okay fine maybe not a client.. more like a friend"s birthday present. oh well !!

Okay well I think I'll do another post soon on what I'm wearing today!!



  1. Such a great way of spending the sunday reading magazines and doing collages, I've done the same thing today :) You have a lovely blog dear!

  2. Your blog is very cute - love that you are doing Mod Podge collages, that is awesome!

  3. nice post! great blog :)