Thursday, August 20, 2009

If I could buy any 10 things from

Haute Hippe Dress ($445) I love this dress. It is a very simple dress but very pretty.

JBrand Jeans ($210) I always want a pair of white jeans.. these are too cute and I love the distressed look.
Marc by Marc Jacobs high waisted shorts ($200) Just look at them! I see all these different outfits just glazing at them!
Tibi mini skirt ($255) Love the color and the bow accent in the front. I chose this picture because I thought this picture showed the skirt a lot better then the normal one.
yes, Christian Louboutin slingback pumps ($745) I went to the mall and I saw these but in navy blue and I fell in love!!!
Jimmy Choo pumps! ($775) Love the strappy feel.
Alexander Wang bag ($725) Love this. I saw it at Barneys and on another blog. I like it a lot but I like it better in a chalky green color.
Alex Monroe clover ring ($250) Look how pretty this ring is!!
Ray Ban aviators ($135) simple and the original aviators =)
Marc Jacobs watch ($225) come on! its Marc Jacobs

Well there we go... 10 things I would wish I could buy from




  1. Great pics! I have the MJ watch but in gold.

  2. Hello Tibi skirt and Jimmy Choos heels :)-
    If these showed up in MY mailbox...i'd be one happy gal!!!

  3. I'd definitely buy those Louboutins!!! They're HOT!!

  4. Good choices! :) The dress is my favourite. Great blog!

  5. i kno how corny is my comment.....


  6. Great picks! I love the dress and shorts!

  7. Okay, so I am in love with so many of your choices! It's too bad they are so pricey! But a girl can dream! lol I love that dress and that mini skirt with the bow! Also the first black heels are amazing, as well as those white jeans!


  8. ohh that Tibi skirt, Cheryl Cole wore it in the XFactor :D
    love them all, so so gorgeous


  9. thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
    if only we were all rich and could afford items from net-a-porter!