Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Next time maybe I'll be bulletproof."

Well here it is--  my first outfit post.
Today I ran errands with my mom. I bought 3 books and 2 magazines (which I'm looking forward to reading tonight before I go to bed.)

top: E L L E, skirt: Nordstroms, shoes: Franco Sarto, bag: Lucky Brand ("vintage")

haha terrible picture =)
assortment of bracelets. i have tons of them!!

(lyrics from Bulletproof by La Roux)




  1. You are so adorable. What I love about you and your blog is that you remind me of what it was like before everything got so heavy and complicated. I miss those days. Cherish them for me. : )

  2. Hey!!! you looked cute!!! I looooove the bracelets!!

    Way to go!!!

    which mags did u buy?? I'm intrigued with this stuff. You can tell if you read this

  3. love the outfit! i've tried so hard to find the perfect floral skirt and i havent suceeded quite yet :( haha i will one day!