Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here is just a mini photoshoot of mine. I'm taking a break from the piles of homework. blahh
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Laaa laa
I am quite bored.
QUESTION: i'm not really into my new header.. would any of you like to make me a new one...? or possibly give me some ideas?

Okay I really need to go finish my english essay.

have a wonderful night :)



  1. i think the header's cute, but a minor tip, try to get the background of the picture to match the blog's background. i think that might look nice. also, totally cute pictures. i just snuck a break from homework too ;] hehe!

  2. Beautiful photos..and i love the header.

  3. i liked your old header better actually, and for some inspiration...
    -something about your style...
    (girly: images of pearls, ruffles)
    (rocker chic: studs, black, skinny jeans...)
    actually, skinny jeans are applicable for both...
    or you could find a image that you really like and put it in your header...
    and go to visitor...
    there are a lot of amazing images there, as well as banners, blog headers

  4. I loved this mini photoshoot of yours. You're so cute!!

    Now, about that header mmm I don't love it. I think maybe a cute picture of you, like you used to have or something like that might work.