Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi everyone!!
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(old picture from last summer)

So I want to take a little survey... I started this blog a couple months ago and I have 27 amazing followers and many others who read my blog. I was thinking... maybe when I reach 45 followers I could have a little contest. What do you think?
Some ideas that i have in mind are prizes like a lookbook account, i could make the winners collages.. any other ideas??
For the actual contest I was thinking of maybe giving you all little roleplay. Let's say I ask you to make an outfit for a 14 year old girl thats going to a fancy dinner with her family.. or a party with her friends. Something like that and then you all would create an outfit.
I don't know.. just some ideas

So my survey is. if you have any ideas please comment below or email me at

Thank so much!!



  1. oooh sounds fun?
    i just realized i havent joined yet, but ive been following, dont worry.
    so i just did.
    but that would be superr cool.
    exept how do u give a lookbook account?

  2. Beautiful picture!!! I love the skirt!!!

  3. Ya...i'll be sending one for sure!!!

  4. Great skirt...I LOVE your outfit in the post below! Your contest ideas are great too! xo Ava

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